Biopharmaceutical human factors / risk assessment

Hazard analysis and human factors use risk identification, assessment, quantification, classification and mitigation for compliance with FDA regulations; including implications to sterile compounding, parenteral administration, cold chain implications, multiple site of service implications, and more.

Healthcare business performance improvement

Are you getting all you can out of your operational units? We'll provide a comprehensive and methodical analysis of your major systems, identify the opportunities for improvement, and develop a plan to best take advantage of them.

Audit response

Getting the money in the door is only the first step - Medicare, Medicaid, and most major commercial carriers have implemented comprehensive post-payment auditing programs often based upon minor, immaterial technical deficiencies. We'll help you keep the resources you have earned.

Outpatient services business planning

Pharmacy, physical therapy, diagnostic centers, whatever your outpatient department needs we can help you develop and implement a successful business plan.


Productivity management

Labor expense is one of the most significant factors of a healthcare organization's income statement, often representing over half of all expenses. Don't just throw bodies at your problems! We will develop, implement, and administer an objective and comprehensive productivity management program designed to reduce or eliminate labor related waste within your delivery system.

Strategic planning

Every company has a strategy. It may have been developed through a formal planning process, or it may have simply evolved through the activities of the departments, each pursuing their own incentives independent of one another. It is rare that the sum of these individual activities without a coordinating process will result in the best possible strategy, and that's why it is better to undertake a more objective approach. Strategic plans are structured maps that take an organization to the places it wants to go ' we'll help you develop one.

Mergers and acquisition

Whether you are buying or selling, we can help you with target identification and selection, due diligence, and all areas of acquiring and divesting.

Generalized health services consulting

We are well versed in most areas of healthcare and employ the most knowledgeable experts in the business. Tell us your needs and we'll put together a program specifically designed to accomplish your objectives.

Revenue cycle performance improvement

Getting paid for healthcare related products and services involves a series of complex processes. Many healthcare institutions leave money they are entitled to on the table via deficient processes - we'll help make sure you are not one of them.

Ambulatory infusion center (AIC) business models

AIC and other outpatient services can reduce length of stay, increase the availability of inpatient beds, introduce profitable revenue streams, and have numerous other strategic benefits. We can help you maximize this potential for your system.

Process and throughput analysis and improvement

Studies indicate that most opportunities for improvement in healthcare revolve around enhanced processes. We'll help make sure that yours are as efficient and effective as possible.

Regulatory compliance

There are over 134,000 pages of federal regulations governing the provision of healthcare, and the OIG and other regulatory agencies expect you to use due diligence in ensuring that your organization is compliant. We'll take a look at how you are doing and provide feedback as to where you might be at risk.